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Smart Grid

Reduce costs by an average of 15%, but also boost the bottom line

Organisations that enable smart technologies and real-time energy management solutions can not only reduce costs by an average of 15%, but also boost the bottom line by creating an environment that reduces energy waste and stimulates employee productivity.

Smart meters connected in a single network create smart energy grids. This represents another way the Internet of Things can be used in energy management. The smart meter is just the start of improvements that hinges on the smarter processing of data. The market for energy will make better use of digital technology to become more efficient, and the complex process of anticipating or matching supply and demand will be handled by devices that will communicate directly with smart appliances.

Energy demand response programs can change your energy usage by having smart appliances that are grid connected, run at lower-demand or at less costly times of the day, saving you money and reducing carbon emissions.

Renewable energy is becoming ever more popular and the ability to store electricity becomes more efficient. Being able to generate power on a small scale from solar, wind or CHP to sell it into the grid means that spaces such as the roofs of factories or depots could become key power generators. Electricity created on productive days might be stored and traded with the grid, or used to charge EV’s. Vehicles that use electric power will take over our roads in the next ten to 20 years, and could play an important part in the future, acting as both storage devices as well as transport.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) there is an abundance of possibilities for IoT devices in energy. IoT means more convenience for you. Whether in your home, business or local community IoT will take your relationship with power to the next level, empowering you to make the right choices for your home, business and environment.

Regardless of your primary business focus, investing in smart energy initiatives is a great idea, especially now as the global community is striving to live a more sustainable, waste-free life. Moreover, you still have a chance to become one of the early adopters, securing a foothold in the market.