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Battery Storage

Why investing in energy storage is business critical.

A third of UK businesses are now generating their own power in a bid to cut costs and save the planet.

With the UK industry sector looking to reduce its carbon footprint, many businesses including Amazon, Jaguar Land Rover, M&S, Tyrells crisps and BT to name but a few, are turning to renewable energy technologies, to provide them cheaper alternative sources of power to run their day to day operations.

The problem is, while these energy sources are clean, they’re subject to interruptions. Energy storage promises to solve all the quality and stability of supply issues for it has the ability to empower businesses by providing the flexibility they need for their energy consumption, while making it easier to manage their costs.

This is particularly crucial as an increasing amount of (intermittent) renewable and low-carbon energy is integrated into the UK power network. Energy storage can help keep the grid balanced, and businesses can benefit by providing this service. At the same time, businesses can use energy stored during cheaper periods at times of peak demand, creating even further benefits.

Batteries are getting smaller all the time, and a vast amount of electrical power can now be stored in a relatively small space, making it an easy option for businesses of all sizes.

As well as cutting costs, using batteries in this way can also enable business to store low-carbon energy from intermittent renewables such as wind and solar – whether they’re generating this themselves or buying it. They can then use this power whenever it is needed, without increasing their carbon footprint, even if the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.

Battery storage can also help businesses stay resilient, by enabling them to access battery power even during disruptive power cuts. And with new materials being developed all the time, batteries are becoming ever more affordable and attractive.