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We provide full turnkey packages that are always tailored to the specific needs of the client.

From the initial consultation and fact finding, through to early development stages and implementation. We can submit DNO/ planning applications where necessary and by securing financial solutions, along with providing the overall maintenance and monitoring where required, we will ensure your utility consumption and carbon footprint is reduced.

Smart Grid

Organisations that enable smart technologies and real-time energy management solutions can not only reduce costs by an average of 15%, but also boost the bottom line by creating an environment that reduces energy waste and stimulates employee productivity.

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Battery Storage

The UK industry sector looking to reduce its carbon footprint, many businesses including Amazon, Jaguar Land Rover, M&S, Tyrells crisps and BT to name but a few, are turning to renewable energy technologies, to provide them cheaper alternative sources of power to run their day to day operations.

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Energy Generation

Energy usage can add up to some of the biggest operating costs of a business, with the pence per-unit cost of electricity for business customers having risen by 37% in five years. With spare generating capacity in doubt, this could rise further, leading many businesses to look towards on-site generation.

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Energy Reduction

Companies could improve their profits by 2-10% each year by saving energy. From keeping the lights on and the office warm, to powering machinery and running a production line, most processes within a business will incur an energy cost.

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Living Walls

We are all now waking up to the effects of climate change on a personal level and on a wider, global level. Even as our green spaces become ever more squeezed out by building projects and industrial development research increasingly shows that we need greenery for the life-giving oxygen it provides as well as aesthetic environmental enhancement.

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