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Living Walls

The Benefits of Living Green Walls

We are all now waking up to the effects of climate change on a personal level and on a wider, global level. Even as our green spaces become ever more squeezed out by building projects and industrial development research increasingly shows that we need greenery for the life-giving oxygen it provides as well as aesthetic environmental enhancement.

So why exactly do we need to have plants around us and how can we work them into our environment particularly where there may be little or no outdoor space?

It is well understood about the health benefits of being around indoor plants and greenery including the improvement to air quality and humidity as well as the pleasure and happiness that being closer to nature brings. Indoor plants help to release moisture into the air in a controlled way thus reducing dry, unhealthy air. Being close to green plants can help to reduce stress levels by creating the impression of a more natural environment.

Many studies have shown that when plants are placed around work spaces such as offices staff productivity levels can rise and the incidences of ‘sick building syndrome’ are greatly reduced due to the atmosphere cleansing capabilities of green plants.

Where outdoor space is at a premium why not bring nature indoors with a living green wall?

Whether in a shopping centre, school, hospital or a home, green walls are not only beautiful to look at and a great talking point they provide massive health benefits, noise reduction and a positive environmental impact. Interior living walls bring a host of benefits to general physical and mental health and wellbeing whilst exterior living green walls provide a much needed home for birds and insects. Outdoor living walls in particular play a vital part in helping homes, schools and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint whilst effortlessly providing an important visual impact. We are all finding out how difficult it is to live without nature and greenery around us.

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