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Commercial and Residential Energy Solutions

For Savings & Sustainability


Improving efficiency through monitoring, technological upgrades, improved operation and maintenance.


Onsite renewable energy generation such as solar or wind power, heat from the ground or surrounding air.


Energy storage is the capture of energy produced for use at a later date using accumulators or batteries.

Smart Grid

Smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources

About Easee

Efficiency, economy and sustainability are all key requirements of any organisation.

We allow our clients to understand their energy use and make informed decisions regarding reducing costs and saving carbon. No matter whether you have an existing energy efficiency solution, or would like a new installation entirely, we can provide you with the maximum possible return on your investment, whilst reducing your overall expenditure.

Living Walls

Our new Living Wall is a freestanding and movable plant wall that is planted one-sided. It’s equipped with an integrated water reservoir and an automatic irrigation system, which provides the plants with water and plant food in a dosed way.

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A third of UK businesses are now generating their own power in a bid to cut costs and save the planet.

With the UK industry sector looking to reduce its carbon footprint, many businesses including Amazon, Jaguar Land Rover, M&S, Tyrells crisps and BT to name but a few, are turning to renewable energy technologies, to provide them cheaper alternative sources of power to run their day to day operations.

Unsure about how to adopt green practices and transform your business? Then we can help you.

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