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About Easee Energy & Environmental

Efficiency, economy and sustainability are all key requirements of any organisation.

Here at Easee Energy & Environmental Limited, we have a passion for technology and innovation. We completely understand the effects that climate change is having on our planet, which is why we have established an independent approach to energy efficient solutions and provide optimised, bespoke recommendations to our clients to de-carbonise their day-to-day operations.

We enable our clients to understand their energy use and make informed decisions regarding reducing costs and saving carbon. No matter whether you have an existing energy efficiency solution, or would like a new installation entirely, we can provide you with the maximum possible return on your investment, whilst reducing your overall expenditure.

How We Can Help

We provide full turnkey packages that are always tailored to the specific needs of the client, project and environment. From the initial consultation and fact finding, through to early development stages and implementation. We can submit DNO/ planning applications where necessary and by securing financial solutions, along with providing the overall maintenance and monitoring where required, we will ensure your utility consumption and carbon footprint is reduced.

We can develop cost saving and renewable energy solutions which meet the exact brief, are to budget and on time. Every one of our energy efficiency solutions delivers profitable projects, which have proven capabilities in both on and off-grid installations.

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Our Experience

The robust, innovative solutions we develop are achieved through the skill, effort and commitment of a dedicated workforce with strong technical capabilities. We have collaborated with an extensive team of specialists, ranging from engineers, installers and service providers who have a deep understanding of the needs of our clients.

We are small enough to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the results of our work while being large enough to cope with installations up to grid scale. We are able to offer our clients a clear, unbiased view of what choices would best meet their requirements.